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Photographs of 2018 Sale Bulls and Dams

Average Age: 12-13 months

Average Weight: 600.4kg

2018 Yearling Bull Sale

This year's sale will take place on Thursday March 8th at 11.00am.


See below for the catalogue, graph of average EBVs and sale day supplementary sheet.


There will be 33 bulls offered by sires including Pathfinder Genesis, Thomas Up River, EF Complement, SAV Bruiser, Prime Juggernaut J15 and Prime Katapault K1.


Please contact us for details.


Bull of the Week 1/3/18

Bull of the Week 1/3/18

Prime Genesis N8

Lot 1. 

Perfect spread of EBV's for Prime.
Top 5% calving ease together with top 1% for carcase weight, all growth and all indeces.

Bull of the Week 22/2/18

Prime Katapault N78.

Lot 23.

Docile, soft, easy doing with calving ease and all growth EBV’s in the top 5% of the breed to add to the appeal.

Bull of the Week 15/2/18

Prime Juggernaut N42

Lot 18

Third full brother to sell. EMA and RBY in the top 5%.

Bull of the Week 15/2/18

Bull of the Week 4/1/18

Bull of the Week 4/1/18

Each Thursday until the bull sale we will be showcasing one bull which will be sold on sale day, beginning with...

Prime Juggernaut N77

Dam: Prime Zandy K80

Full brother,  Prime Juggernaut M11, sold at last year's sale.

Weaned at 504kg on the 23rd of December 2017. 

Exceptional phenotype, excellent growth and carcase traits. 


Bull of the Week 11/1/18

Prime Up River N24

Dam: Prime Rocklyn K85

Lot: 5

His 400 day growth EBV is in the top 4%, his ABI is in the top 6% and his RBY is in the top 10%.

He exemplifies the superb shape and muscling of our Up River bulls.

Bull of the Week 11/1/18

Bull of the Week 18/1/18

Bull of the Week 18/1/18

Prime Complement N10

Lot number: 21

EF Complement sons exemplify Prime’s breeding objectives of high growth with calving ease and carcase traits.

Out of a first calving Juggernaut heifer, N10 weighed 532kg at 11.5 months and has calving ease in the top 12% of the breed. He also had an impressive eye muscle scan of 96 square centimetres.

Bull of the Week 25/1/18

Prime Index N14

Lot number: 20

We chose VAR Index because it combines calving ease with explosive growth and high carcase merit.

N14 is displaying that magic combination too. He has an ABI of 139, putting him in the top 5%. His raw scan data was a highlight in his contemporary group with an EMA of 101 square centimetres and an IMF of 5.4% at 11.5 months. Four weeks after weaning, N14 weighed 530kg, a big effort for his first-calving Emperor dam.

Bull of the Week 25/1/18

Bull of the Week 1/2/18

Bull of the Week 1/2/18

Prime Up River N33

Lot number: 7

Emblematic of our focus at Prime. Calving ease in the top 1%. 200 and 400 day growth in the top 5%. Top 5% in all indices. Powerful and muscular.

Bull of the Week 8/2/18

Prime Index N58

Lot number: 5

Large framed, impressive phenotype, very positive fats. Out of a beautiful Emperor dam, K32.

Bull of the Week 8/2/18

Great Yearling Bulls Begin with Great Mothers

Pictured below are four dams of bulls who will be sold in the 2018 bull sale.

  • Prime Zandy K80 is the dam of Lot 4, N77.
  • Prime Maisie K31, dam of Lot 23, Katapault N78.
  • Prime Shasta L55 is the dam of Lot 1, N8.
  • Prime Rocklyn K94 is the dam of Lot 17, N40.

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