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2018 Bull Sale Results

2018 Bull Sale Results

A huge "thank you" to new and repeat buyers who helped to make this year's sale our best yet.

37 registered bidders saw a complete clearance of 32 bulls offered to a top of $12,500 and an average of $6,609.

Bulls have found new homes in 5 states.

The top priced bull, Lot 7, Prime Up River N33 (pictured) was purchased by Tony and Karen Golding, Little Meadows Angus, WA.

Other highlights include Prime Genesis N56 selling for $9500, Prime Genesis N8 selling for $9000 and two $8000 bulls, Prime Up River N40 and Prime Juggernaut N77.

Special thanks to the team at GTSM, particularly our young auctioneer Lincoln McKinlay who clearly has a bright future ahead of him and Jody for her professionalism and energy. Thanks also to our sale day support team, including Ken Heywood, James Webster and John and Cathy. We couldn't do it without you. 

Peter, Annick and Lily. 

2018 Beef Week Open Day

Vist Prime Angus for Beef Week on Tuesday, February 6 between 9am and 6pm. 

On Display:

  • Selection of sale bulls
  • New calves of Prime Maximus M7
  • 2-year-old daughters of Prime Katapault K1 with calves at foot
  • 3-year-old daughters of Prime Juggernaut J15 with calves at foot

All animals will be penned undercover for your comfort and theirs.

All are welcome. We look forward to dicussing your breeding needs and the use of yearling bulls. 

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2018 Brochure

In case you missed our 2018 newsletter, here is a copy. 

If you do not receive a copy in the mail, please contact us to join our mailing list to receive a bull sale catalogue next month. 

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Prime Angus had the equal lowest average price of all on property bull sales reported to Angus Australia to date in 2017

Prime Angus had the equal lowest average price of all on property bull sales reported to Angus Australia to date in 2017

It's official! Prime Angus had the equal lowest average price of all on property bull sales reported to Angus Australia to date in 2017. But here is the paradox: despite our modest average price this year ($3902), the top priced bull at each of our sales for the last four years are being marketed as AI sires by various semen companies.

This began four years ago with the sale of Juggernaut J15 to a syndicate of buyers. His impeccable phenotype, muscularity and temperament, combined with equally impressive EBVs have seen him become the 12th most used Angus AI sire in Australia in the past two years. He is also the youngest sire in the top 20. His semen is marketed by Alta and HCH Genetics. His sons have also topped several bull sales in 2017 including $19000 at Landfall.


The following year Katapault K1, a Thunderbird son, was the top selling bull in our February sale at $8000. He was the heaviest calf ever weaned at Prime (at 522kg)and is the “meatiest” bull we have bred. As a yearling sale bull he weighed 681kg, 95kg heavier than the sale average. Now three years old, he weighs over 1000kg. He is currently ranked number 4 for calving ease and number 1 for gestation length for AI sires in Australia. Remarkably, he is also in the top 5% for all growth EBVs, making him a bit of a rarity. K1 has been used in large scale commercial AI heifer programs this year by producers looking for a low stress calving in 2018. His semen is marketed by Alta Genetics and Prime now has a half share in the bull.

Legend L77, a Stewie son, was the highest priced bull in 2016 at $8100. Out of F20, the same dam who produced the Juggernaut, L77 is a great all-rounder whose ease of calving, high growth, milk and carcase traits put him in the top 5% of the breed on all the indices. He was purchased by John Daniels of King Island and his semen is being marketed by Performance Genetics.

In 2017, Maximus M7 was purchased by Clive March of Tocumwal for $10000. He is a son of Millah Murrah Equator D78. Mr March chose the bull to give a boost to the frame size of his female herd. M7 currently has the highest 600-day growth EBV of AI bulls available in Australia. At +163, M7 could be a terminal sire oe ption for commercial producers wanting rapid growth and weight gains in their calves without the need to crossbreed. M7 semen is being marketed through Performance Genetics.

There are gems to be found in this herd. Buyers will find exceptional value, year after year.

Our yearling Helmsman bull sale takes place on the last Friday of February each year. All bulls are HBR by leading AI sires and tested free of the known genetic defects. All bulls sold are also above breed average on all indeces.

When looking for your next Angus bull, consider Prime Angus.

Article courtesy of North East Farmer

2017 Prime Angus Sale Represents Sensational Value for Buyers

Prime Angus sold 38 of 39 yearling bulls offered to a top of $10,000 and an average of $3902.

With more bulls offered and considerably fewer registered buyers, the average was well below last year's $5200.

The top priced bull was purchased by Clive March of Tocumwal. For the second year running he secured his bull with an early knock out bid. Clive also purchased 12 Prime PTIC heifers at Barnawatha saleyards on December 1st. At Friday's sale, he purchased Lot 1, a son of Millah Murrah Equator D78 who weighed 635kg at 13 months and had all growth EBV's in the top 1% of the breed.

Phenotypically, the standout sire group was the J15 sons. Importantly, they averaged about half the price of J15 sons in promiment sales around the country in recent weeks. While this is disappointing for us, it reinforces the tremendous advantage of buying yearling bulls.

Our very sincere thanks go to our valued customers for their attendance and bidding, in particular our long term volume buyers who carried the sale.

Thanks also to our small group of helpers who make sale day possible, James Webster, Ken Heywood, Donna Slevin(who must take the award for THE best Business Banker) and her assistant Kelly, our Masters of the BBQ, Moon Harrison and Cathy and of course Lily, for her unfailing committment to sale preparation all summer.

Genomic Data Now Available

Customers please note, although not included in the mid February Breedplan run, Genomic data is now available on Lots 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 27, 33 and 39.

Seeing Triple

Seeing Triple

Three Juggernaut heifers with their Katapault calves at foot. 

Juggerpault or Katanaut - Take your pick

Juggerpault or Katanaut - Take your pick

Our first Juggernaut daughter to calve, L17 with her day old K1 calf at foot.


We have reverted to our usual yearling bull sale date of the last Friday in February. So customers please note that the 2017 sale will be held on the 24/2.

Weaner Steers at Barnawatha

16 weaner steers averaging 394kg were sold at Barnawatha on the 5th of January, 2017 for $1415.

Weaner Steers at Barnawatha

Heifers and calves, November 2016

Heifers and calves, November 2016