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Prime Angus Stud

"Our belief is that the driving force of the Prime herd is the depth of the maternal power, in the pedigree of each animal".

Upcoming Sales

Beef Field Day: Thursday 30th January 2020

Prime Angus Bull Sale: Tuesday the 17th March 2020 at 1PM.

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About Prime Angus Stud

Colin Flanagan and Patricia Ebert, the new owners of Prime Angus, would like to thank Peter, Annick and Lily Butterfield for the opportunity to purchase the home property 'Glenwellyn' and the 'Prime' Angus Herd.

We come from South Australia, where we had established and developed ‘Granite Ridge Angus Stud’ building to 450 stud breeders on nearly 3000 acres, over a number of years.

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Our Breeding Philosophy

Our breeding philosophy is to breed for all markets. It is important that a calf is easily born which is followed by explosive growth and follows through with this growth right along the supply chain, from weaner to backgrounder, feed-lotter to processor. Everyone along this chain needs to make a profit.

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